Jessica Hayes Wiki, Biography and Unknown facts about Model

Jessica Hayes Wiki, Biography and Unknown facts about Model- Jessica hayes along with katie salmon are been a matter of gossip from past few days and reason behind this is there recent activity of falunting their B00bs in a festival at Cheltenham Festival. With this a huge number of people are searching for this model details and profile information.

This English model is alrwady have a good social media presence and have impressive numbers of followers on Twitter and Instagram. Here are few more details about Jessica hayes shown to you.

1. Jessica Hayes: Personal Profile details-

jessica hayes wiki

  • Name- Jessica hayes
  • Age- 22 years
  • From- Essex
  • Occupation- Model
  • Nationality- United Kingdom
  • Hair Color- Burgundy
  • Achievement- Winner of LoveIsland

2. Contact Details-

3. News-

Ms Hayes, 22, who was a guest of Unique Sports Management at the event, was stunned at the reaction to her flashing, due to the behaviour of the footballers.
She told The Sun: ‘We may have got our boobs out, but it was just for a split second and no one was offended. Everyone’s seen boobs before.
‘But what Carruthers and Collins did was absolutely disgusting and vile. Grown men shouldn’t do that.

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4. Twitter Tweets and Confession-

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