Anuradha Beniwal Wiki, Biography and Facts about National Chess Champion

Anuradha Beniwal Wiki, Biography and Facts about National Chess Champion– Anuradha Beniwal is the name which every Indian is supporting these days and the reason behind this support is her emotional Video statement on this silly Jat Reservation Protest. The reason I called this protest Silly, because Jat’s have no right to burn properties of common public. Here are the details of National Chess Champion. 

She is a common girl from Haryana who later turned into a super champion in Chess. She raised her voice when her community people are foolishly burning their own Motherland Haryana.

Anuradha Beniwal: Profile Information-

anuradha beniwal bio

  • Name- Anuradha Beniwal
  • Occupation- National Chess Champion
  • Age- 27
  • Twitter- thethinkinbird
  • Facebook- Profile
  • Nationality- India
  • Birth- Haryana
  • Currently lives in- London
  • Husband- Unknown
  • Website-

Latest Emotional Video on Jat Reservation Protest-

In an emotional video, she recalls how during her early days while learning chess, she was never judged according to her caste or creed.
The champion went one step ahead and said that the agitators have burnt down their own homes and schools, causing damage to none but themselves.

We salute Anuradha.

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