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Charles Gillespie Profile| Contact Details (Phone number, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)

Charlie Gillespie aka Charles Gillespie Age, Bio, Girlfriend, Profile| Contact Details (Phone number, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Email address)-  Charles Gillespie is a popular Actor who has gained fame for his starring role as Luke, the lead singer of the band Sunset Curve, in the Netflix series Julie and the Phantoms. In 2018, he appeared as the character Brian in two episodes of the CW series Charmed. He also had a recurring role as the character Brody Johnson on the series 2nd Generation.


  • Name: Charles Gillespie
  • Birth Name: Charles Gillespie
  • Date of Birth:  26, 1999
  • Age: 24 years old
  • Place of Birth: Canada
  • Occupation: Television Actor
  • Co-stars- Madison Reyes, Jeremy Shada
  • Girlfriend- N/A
  • Mother: Jeanette
  • Brothers: Michael, Patrick, and Ryan
  • Sister: Meghan
  • Sexuality: Straight


INSTAGRAM: @charles_gillespie

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TWITTER- @cgillespieuk

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    • charlie gillespie
      I like your show julie and the phantoms its great show . Why julie not kiss Lucas season 1 ha charlie gillespie. I want met u charlie gillespie please said yes or no. I live at marina California USA. U make julie and the phantoms season 2 ha charlie or owen or Jeremy or Madison.
      From florendo saclayan 111

      • 😂😂 desperato !!! don’t worry I’m just as desperate ,this guy is amazing I mean ,I wish I could meet him ,

    • i love julie andthe phantoms too, do u know how to get madison reyes’s phone number, she is from julie and the phantoms

  1. I completely am mesmerized by you. You and your co-stars on Julie n the Phantoms are just amazing. I’d give anything to meet you. Like yours and julies characters I lost my mom in 2015

  2. Hi Charlie Gillespie this is Kennedy Kay my friends either call me KK or Karen which Karen is a terrible name to be called, but I guess it is fine. I’m just letting you know that you have a beautiful voice when you sang in Julie & The Phantoms. I like how you and Madison Reyes make eye contact when you sing and talk in the show. Hope I can meet you someday!


    Kennedy Kay

  3. Hello January 19, 2021. to Jelianny Asencio from Charlie Gillespie
    Charlie Gillespie
    my name is Jelianny Asencio and I’m from Puerto Rico ,Boricua, I sing the Julie and the Phantmos movie on Netflix and I liked it a lot.

  4. OMG I LOVE JULIE AND THE PHANTOMS I AM OBSESSED WITH IT!!! I’ve watched at least 30 times now I even have a jatp sweatshirt I know about every word to every song of every episode I really want to meet the whole cast and if I did OMG I would freak. Also I LIVE for perfect harmony I just love the whole show and I can’t wait till season 2 and I really hope you respond 😊

  5. Charlie Gillespie,
    Heyyy I love JATP SO much like omggg. Anywayyyyy. I was wondering if I could have your PO Box info. And dude. I saw this one website and it looked suspicious so I’m not gonna trust it. ANYWAY yea thats it. Also, you are my favorite actor sooooo yea OK BYEEEEEE

  6. I LOVE JATP ,best show ever !!! Also ur my fav actor ,u and Maddi have a great bond tho #justsaying.

    Please respond
    love Lexi

  7. Hi Charlie Gillespie, you are my favourite actor on JATP, I have a HUGE crush on you. Really want to meet you someday but I live in Trinidad and I know you are a Christian and so am I.

    Please respond
    Love Mali

  8. Hi, Charlie Gillespie, this is Taylor White. Some people called me Tt for my nickname. I love Julie and the Phantoms show on Netflix, I have watched it for nearly 5 times. Anyway, I was wondering if I could have your phone number because you are my favorite actor on the show. Please contact me by email.

  9. I looooooove Julie and The Phantoms and I have to say luke is super cute. Does anyone know how to get JATP hoodie, I need one. I wish I could meet charlie in real life, that would be a dream come true🥰.

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